Equipment Used In Machining

Manufacturing OEM Replacement Parts for Your Company

In industry, the battle rages about the benefits of OEM replacement parts versus aftermarket products. However, the crux of the argument comes down to the precision and quality of using Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) parts compared to cheaper aftermarket products.

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Quality Versus Economy

The main purpose of making aftermarket parts is economy. With cheaper materials and less time spent in production, these parts cost less. But this comes at the expense of production as these parts just don’t work as well and last as long as the OEM replacements.

We’re proud to be an industry leader in manufacturing a variety of quality parts. Our highly skilled machinists work in a large, state-of-the-art facility to produce first-rate parts for your operation.

For the skilled and experienced machinists at B-W Grinding Service INC., the answer is clear. The parts we manufacture are ones that come with the original equipment. They’re made to meet exacting specifications for optimal operations and to comply with International Standard ISO-9002. This standard of excellence forms the basis for our Quality Assurance System. 

For you, this means parts that may cost more, but they work better because there are no compromises in the quality when it comes to materials and manufacturing. Making these parts is just one of the many services we provide.